Mr. Webb has served over 22 years of professional service in The United States Military Armed Forces as a Military Policeman in the U.S. Army. During his tenure he has worked in the capacity of but not limited to Patrolman, Team leader, Squad leader, Desk Sergeant, Operations Sergeant and Platoon Sergeant who’s duties consisted of Managing and directing the development and execution of investigative organization comprising the full range of investigative and security activities including personnel security, security of classified information and programs, the protection of Army facilities, identification of security initiatives, and establishment of/compliance with security standards for the Army.

Served over 10 years in the Private Security Industry as a Security Officer, Training Coordinator, Supervisor, Assistant Site Project Manager, Site Project Manager, Quality Control Specialist and Quality Safety and Environmental Manager. These duties included but were not limited to being on call 24 hours a day, administering all services for site specific day to day services described in contract services, and rectify the causes of the complaints. Be available to support and assist site requirements to ensure conformance to the specifications and provide the Primary Program Project Manager (PPM) status updates on the site and ensure continuity of services at the site.Currently serves in the capacity of The Quality Safety and Environmental Manager (QSEM) who has full authority and responsibility of assuring performance objectives and standards identified in the contract are met on 4 federal sites included on current contract. The QSEM is responsible for coordinating directly with the designated client representatives and stakeholders and is responsible for exercising leadership, maintaining high morale, and directing the performance of all security personnel assigned to the contract at four sites geographically dispersed throughout the United States. The QSEM is responsible for delivery of services described in the contract, receive any complaints concerning performance of contract services, and rectify the causes of the complaints. The QSEM position is fully empowered to execute operational decisions on behalf of the contractor and remain available to manage, support and assist the 4 geographic located sites to ensure continued timely and compliant delivery of services. The QSEM provides daily and regularly scheduled status updates to the Primary COR and ensure continuity of services at all sites.

Highest Education Level Completed:   Masters Degree in Criminal Justice